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    Family Box

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    An excellent choice for a wide variety of taste buds. Perfect savory popcorn and specialty popcorn flavors such as PB&J and Cinn-A-Pop. Is someone in the group not a fan of popcorn? Do Goodies has you covered. Nuts, Pretzels, Gummies, Malt Balls, and our signature chocolate and PB&J fudges. Yum!

    Chicago Style Popcorn (3 cups)

    Cinn-A-Pop Popcorn (3 cups)

    PB&J Popcorn (3 cups)

    Chocolate Fudge (1/2 lb)

    PB&J Fudge (1/2 lb)

    Glazed Nuts (1/4 lb)

    Dipped Pretzels (1/4 lb)

    Gummi Bears (1/2 lb)

    Malt Balls (1/2 lb)


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